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the Jovian Skye: jsTimeMachine - Web Based "Time Machine" Interface
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jsTimeMachine - Web Based "Time Machine" Interface · 1 April 2008 by Julian

Ok it’s very beta, but well it sort of works ;-) – no really, it does


So the story goes, Kris one of my workmates is working on an (web based) application were he needed to show 2D data over time & being such a Mac Fan Boy Enthusiast that he is, he thought why not have some sort of 3 dimensional transition of the data off into infinity ???

And the rest as they say is history. I’ve made a nice pretty background, got some sort of preview going & tidied up the interface a bit & posted it here (cause Kris has no blog, not that i look after mine all that well :P)

We’d only consider this a 0.5b release (yeah very beta). Kris has yet to work on the scaling of the contents of the panels, so if the content of the panels as they zoom towards you are % based they are fine (except text), but if it’s an image in there (as you’ll see in the demo) then no scaling occurs :(

Demo One – jsTimeMachineTable [Table based]

Demo Two – jsTimeMachinePix [Picture Gallery]


  1. Great Job!! Congrats!!

    Ramon Bispo    4298 days ago    #

Seriously Kewl Eye Candy